Japanese to English translation:山寺芭蕉記念館_Yamadera Basho Museum

山寺芭蕉記念館_Yamadera Basho Museum 山形市文化振興事業団
Japanese to English translation
Japanese to English translation


Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum
〒 999-3301 4223 Oaza Nan-in, Yamadera Yamagata City
TEL :023-695-2221 FAX :023-695-2552

The Yamadera Bashō Memorial Museum was built in the first year of Heisei,
1989, three hundred years after Bashō visited the Yamadera temple on
his "Narrow Road to the Deep North" journey, and to commemorate the
100th anniversary of the city of Yamagata.
The museum features displays of Bashō's work and related paintings and
calligraphy, and shows videos about Bashō. Training rooms and a tearoom
are also available.

■ Open Hours
9:00 am - 4:30 pm (Training and Teaching Rooms, Tearoom 9:00 pm - 9:00 pm)

■ Closed
New Year's holidays (Dec. 28 to Jan. 3)
Closed when changing exhibitions, on irregular days (Please see calendar)

Adults 400 yen (group rate 320 yen for groups of twenty and up)
Free for students

※ good for one admission.
※group rate applies to groups of twenty people or more.
※ open with free admission on Nov. 3rd, "Culture Day."
※ admission fee may be changed for special exhibitions.

■ Classroom and training room rental fees

Fees vary for space and length of time, from approximately ¥1500 to ¥4000
※ includes the use of accessory rooms to the tea rooms.
※ including preparation and cleanup time.
※ available for business purposes, for an additional fee.
Please call to discuss your plans, fees, and to make a reservation.

■ heating / air conditioning fees apply according to season and space used

About using our facilities

■ Use of Training and Teaching rooms
Ideal for haiku gatherings, training, practice and presentation of
Japanese traditional arts including Japanese traditional music and
dance, and other cultural events such as classes and lecture courses,
meetings, workshops, etc. Available to the general public. (However,
while tea / light refreshments may be served as part of an event, this
room is not available for events where food service is the main focus.)

Training and teaching Room [1] 52 tatami mat (with stage and green room) / 24 tatami mat

Training Room [2] 12.5 tatami mat / 9 tatami mat (with traditional sunken hearth) / 6 tatami mat ( with preparation area)

■ Use of the tearoom
Our tea rooms are surrounded by the scenic natural landscape of Yamadera,
ever changing through the seasons, and are in the traditional sukiya
style of building, using Kyoto Kitayama cedar. Our beautiful tea rooms
are available for full formal tea ceremonies or for tea ceremony practice sessions.

[View Kampōtei tearoom] 15.5 tatami mat (with traditional irori sunken hearth) / 8 tatami mat / 6 tatami mat (with mizuya preparation area)

[Our Bashōdō tearoom, open to the public for informal seated matcha green tea with sweets service. 500 yen (450 yen with Museum admission ticket) ]

■ Corner Cafe

From December to March, matcha green tea with sweets is served in the main lobby. 500 yen (450 yen with Museum admission ticket)

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「世にふるも」句文懐紙 芭蕉 筆
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